Where to buy a Hoverboard

Hoverboards have been one of the hottest selling gadgets over the past few months. Some big name celebrities such as Justin Beiber, Wiz Khalifa and John Legend have been seen riding them, and videos of these toys have gone viral many times over.


wiz khalifa riding hoverboard


With all of the buzz around self balancing scooters, it can still be difficult to get your hands on one. There are many reason why a lot of the main stream retailers aren’t carrying hover boards in their stores: various brands have infringed on each other’s patents and reports have surfaced of explosions caused by the lithium ion batteries used in some of the brands. With that said, there are still many brands that have met stringent safety standards and can be found both online and in brick and mortar storers, but we recommend checking out our reviews before you buy so that you know what you’re getting in to.

hoverboard selfbalancing scooter selection

There are various well known retailers that have self balancing scooters available for sale online, the most prominent being Amazon.  While Amazon removed about 97% of their hoverboard selection, they have been slowly adding back the brands that meet their safety standards. The safety standards put in place by Amazon assure you that you are getting a reliable product. For hoverboard safety, these standards include UN 38.3 (battery), UL 1642 (battery), and UL 60950-1 (charger). Amazon is certainly the retailer with the largest selection in hoverboards, but there are many other options out there when you are shopping around for a self balancing scooter. Other large name retailers that are carry hover boards include Target (only the online store), WalmartEbay and even Bed Bath and Beyond. Many individual hoverboard brands also sell their boards via their own website. With all of these choices, Amazon is going to have the largest selection of brands available, so we recommend checking them out, but  you have many options when it comes to retailers.  Do your research, and make sure to be safe when you do get your self balancing scooter.


UPDATE: Due to new safety regulations, hoverboards are no longer carried at Amazon, Target, Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond. You can still get them on Ebay, but not all Ebay retailers are reliable. We recommend buying straight from the manufacturer at StreetSaw or Skque. These are two high quality brands with brick and mortar shops set up in the USA.




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