off road hoverboards

All Terrain Hoverboards | Best Off Road Self Balancing Scooters 2017

off road hoverboards


Hoverboards have come a long way since the technology emerged in 2015. There's now a new class of hoverboards, capable of braving the elements and conquering just about any terrain. These hoverboards have a unique list of features. They are waterproof, more powerful, more durable and faster than previous models. These hoverboards are so cool that we decided to write an entire post about them.

Halo Rover Hoverboard

The Halo Rover Hoverboard is an off road hoverboard with a very impressive list of features. This self balancing scooter can handle snow, mud, grass or sand. Essentially, it handles just about any surface. Large 8.5 inch wheels support it's off road ability and increase speed. It's UL 2272 certified and integrates with an app to track speed, distance traveled and battery life. We've done a full review of the Halo Rover, here are just a few of its awesome features:

  • Top speed: 9mph
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Weight capacity: 260 lbs

Halo Rover hoverboard review

EPIKGO hoverboard

EPIKGO Hoverboard

The EPIKGO is another high end all terrain hoverboard. It's more powerful, sturdier and can handle harsher elements than first generation hoverboards. The EPIKGO is UL 2272 certified for battery safety and IP56 rated for waterproofing. We've fully reviewed the EPIKGO self balancing scooter, here's a brief look at its features:

  • Top speed: 10 mph
  • Range: 10 to 12 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 260 lbs

Jestson V8 Rover

The Jetson V6 Rover is an all terrain self balancing scooter that packs features almost identical to the EPIKGO.  It's powered by dual 400 watt motors and UL 2272 certified for safety. The V8 also comes with three different rider modes of varying difficulty. Here's a few more of the Jetson V8's features:

  • Top speed: 10 mph
  • Range: 10-12 miles
  • Weight capacity: 260 lbs

Jetson V8 hoverboard

Jetson V6 Hoverboard – UL Certified

Jetson V6 Hoverboard

Jetson V6 Hoverboard Review


The Jetson V6 hoverboard is carried exclusively by Target. It's a high quality board with UL 2272 certification, which is the most important factor we consider when reviewing hoverboards. While the V6 is exclusive to Target, Jetson also makes a sturdier all terrain model (the Jetson V8 Rover) that can be bought on Amazon. If you're interested in an off road model, we've compiled a review of the V8 Rover and other all terrain models.

As far as features go, the Jetson V6 blows away much of the competition. A top speed of 10 mph and battery life of 15 miles are both at the top end of the range for their respective categories. The Jetson V6 has a long list of cool capabilities that can be accessed through the Jetson Ready Ride App:

  • Bluetooth connectivity to speakers
  • Ability to customize the LED lights
  • Change between ride modes based on skill level
  • Track your speed and distance traveled
  • Find the location of your hoverboard when lost
  • Share ride stats via social media
  • Compete with your friends in games

All in all, this is by far the most interactive hoverboard that we've seen thus far. The app connectivity, features and social media integration take the Jetson V6 to the next level of hoverboarding. The V6 also comes with 8 inch wheels, that's slightly larger than the industry average of 7 inches. The larger wheel size allows riders to navigate rough terrain with a more stable ride.


The Jetson V6 was just recently released, and to be honest we're still trying to digest all of the cool features built in to the app. If we find any flaws in the build we will update this post to account for them.

My Experience

I was really pumped to try the Jetson V6 hoverboard, and it didn't fail to impress. Subtle features like customizable LED lights make this self balancing scooter really personalized. The Ride Ready App makes the V6 a lot of fun. I don't use social media often, but I had an urge to update my stats to Facebook. Taking on friends in challenges was a ton of fun, probably my favorite feature.

The charge time was faster than a lot of other UL certified hoverboards. It took less than 2 hours to get a full charge. It also has a control to auto shut off when it's fully charge. That's a really awesome safety measure! One of the only problems you can run into with a hoverboard is over charging, the V6 appears to have solved this. Oh and did I mention it's flame and water resistant?

  • Speed: 10 mph
  • Charge time: 1 - 2 hours
  • Battery Life: 15 miles
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • LED Lights: Yes, customizable with app
  • Bluetooth Integrated: Yes
  • UL 2272 certified: Yes
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