EPIKGO Hoverboard Review

EPIKGO hoverboard


The EPIKGO is a hoverboard in a class of it's own. A lot of common issues that we saw in previous generations of hoverboards have been addressed by the EPIKGO. It's larger, more powerful, sturdier and safer than many other models. The EPIKGO hoverboard has nearly the same specs as the Halo Rover, for those interested in a comparable. If you're looking to commute outdoors the EPIKGO is the self balancing scooter for you. The board is UL 2272 certified for safety, and it's powered by a UL 2271 certified Samsung LG battery. It's made by a US brand based in Silicon Valley. The EPIKGO comes equipped with large 8.5 inch wheels that can handle any terrain. Here are a couple other really cool features that make the EPIKGO stand out:

  • 400W dual motors
  • 2X more powerful than leading competitor
  • 30% larger than competitors
  • IP56 waterproof certified
  • Traverse 18 degree slopes

Calling the EPIKGO a beast would be an understatement, this thing is a tank. If you're worried about your hoverboard holding up in the elements, the EPIKGO is for you.


The EPIKGO is slightly larger than other hoverboards on the market. That means that it will be a bit tougher to transport this board when you're not riding it. While the large size is ideal for heavier riders, it may not be as comfortable of a fit for small kids. The EPIKGO has a minimum weight limit of 44lbs for riders.

My Experience

I'm a big fan of riding hoverboards outdoors, and I don't like to be limited to the sidewalk. I also don't like how most first generation hoverboards are literally the same board with a new label stamped on it. For these reasons, I really loved riding the EPIKGO hoverboard. It's in a league of it's own. The board had no problem handling mud, rain, grass (for the most part) and other rough terrains. I'm a big guy, about 200 lbs, and the board was still moving fast with me on it. It also goes forward and reverse while on an 18 degree slope, which was really impressive. EPIKGO claims that their board is indestructible . This might be a stretch, but it's definitely the closest thing to unbreakable as far as hoverboards go. I recommend the board to anyone looking for a feature heavy hoverboard that can handle the outdoors well.


  • Max speed: 10mph
  • Charge time: 1-2 hours
  • Battery life: 10-12 miles
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 260lbs
  • LED lights: Yes
  • Bluetooth integrated: No
  • UL 2272 certified: Yes

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