Swagtron T1 Coupon Code | Exclusive Promotion 2017

Swagtron T1 Self balancing scooter review

We've got an exclusive coupon code for the Swagtron T1, T3,T5 and original Swagway. It's good for $10 off and free shipping on your purchase. We've been working with Swagtron to make sure that we have the most up to date code with the highest discount available!
Use Promo Code:   swag-1844A413OIJW

How to Use the Swagtron Promo Code

Using the Swagtron coupon code is simple, and it will give you free shipping plus save you a quick $10 off of your purchase price !

  • Visit the Swagtron website.
  • Select the item you wish to purchase (Discount valid for Swagtron T1, T3, T5, Swagway, Swagger Scooter, SwagCycle and SwagBoard)
  • Place the item in your cart to checkout

Swagtron dicsount code


  • Apply our promotion code swag-1844A413OIJW in the coupon code box (full code not displayed in picture below)

Swagtron T5 promo code

  • Hit the apply coupon button. You will see the new cart total with a $10 discount and free shipping appear as shown below.

Swagway coupon code


Swagtron Promo Code

Swagtron has provided us with an exclusive promotion code, good for $10 off your purchase of a Swagtron hoverboard from the Swagtron website.  Use promo code swag-1844A413OIJW to get your discount!  This is the best discount available.

UL 2272 Certification

The Swagtron T1 hoverboard is UL 2272 certified. It's is crucial that hoverboards have this certification, without it your hoverboard could be at risk of a fire hazard.

Swagtron Features

The T1 is full of cool features, some of our favorite features include Sentry Shield Battery Technology and Smart Battery Management System. Both of these technologies make the Swagtron T1 safer and more efficient. For more info on features check out our review of the Swagtron T1.


Swagtron T1 Coupon Code | Exclusive Promotion 2017
  • Swagtron Dicsount Code
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