Real Life Hoverboards | For Sale?

We're obsessed with everything hoverboard related. In our opinion, the sooner these things get off the ground and find their way into our living rooms the better. We've focused on self balancing scooters for most of the last year or so.

We haven't been able to cover many real hoverboards, mainly because the technology has not been advanced nor readily available.

In the last couple of months or so, a lot of that changed. We featured a post about 6 hoverboards that actually hover, and it's received a ton of attention since then. It's obvious that we're not the only people excited about real hoverboards. But let's be honest, all we really want to know is when we'll be able to buy one of these things. It turns out there are real life hoverboards currently for sale, and a few set to come on the market in 2017.

ArcaBoard Hoverboard

The Arcaboard is currently available for sale. For a cool $14,900 you can get yours today. Ok, so it's not a cheap price tag, but it's some seriously cool technology. Deliveries began in April of 2016, so it's been on the market for some time now.

The ArcaBoard uses 36 high power electric ducted fans to propel the board. It also has a stabilizing system, giving you tons of control while hovering off of the ground. It can hover over virtually any surface, including water. It's 272 hp engine can power the board for up to 20 minutes of ongoing light at speeds of up to 12.5 mph. A full charge of the hoverboard takes 6 hours, the ArcaDock (sold separately) will charge the board in 60 minutes.

Overall, the ArcaBoard is a cool piece of technology. It's specs may not stack up well against a hoverboard like the Zapta Flyboard Air, but it's actually available for sale now. There aren't a lot of hoverboards that fall into that category. A few others have speculative release dates in 2017.

Hendo Hoverboard

The Hendo hoverboard is not actually for sale, but it is set to cost $10,000 when it is released. There are said to be a group of investors that have put down $10,000 each to reserve the first Hendo's when it is released. Given that there are people currently lined up to purchase the board, we thought it was worth mentioning in the hoverboards for sale category. 

The price tag is hefty, but cheaper than the ArcaBoard. The technology also works differently.

The Hendo hoverboard uses electrically charged magnets to propel the board off of metal surfaces. Essentially the rider is surfing electromagnetic waves. It's really cool, but at the same time limited. While other boards work on any surface, you are limited to metallic surfaces with the Hendo board.

AeroX HoverBike

It's not actually a hoverboard, but the technology is similar so it's worth mentioning. The AeroX HoverBike has some really impressive specs, it's also set to launch for sale in 2017. The expected price tag is $85,000, and you can put down a $5,000 deposit to secure your spot in line.

Some of the features that make the AeroX Hoverbike really stand out include:

  • 45 mph top speed
  • 75 minutes of use in single charge
  • Cruises 10 feet off the ground
  • Seats two riders

Zapata Racing Flyoard Air

This hoverboard is an honorable mention on the list. The Zapata Flyboard Air isn't for sale, and Zapta Racing hasn't given any real details on its release other than it won't be available in 2016. The fact is the technology is still pending government approval.

So why did we include it? The Flyboard air is so unreal that we couldn't leave it out! The hoverboard recently shattered the Guinness World Record for longest flight by a hoverboard. The specs are crazy:

  • Top speed of 93 mph
  • Flight up to 10,000 feet
  • Runs for up to 10 minutes uninterrupted

There are some other models available from Zapata Racing that can be purchased. They include the Flyboard Proboard Series and the Flyboard Legend. Both of these models employ technology similar to the Flyboard Air, but run on water propulsion.

Photo Credit: Tydence Flickr via Compfight cc

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