How to Make Money in Hoverboard Affiliate Marketing

hoverboard affiliate programs


The main purpose of this website is to bring you thorough and up to date reviews of hoverboards and industry news. However, I thought I’d give you some insight into the business side of running the website today. I got into affiliate marketing about a year ago, and when I noticed how popular hoverboards were I jumped on the opportunity to set up an affiliate website.

The industry really blew up right before Christmas 2015, but has cooled off a bit recently due to safety concerns. If you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we are still a long ways away from a legitimate hoverboard being mass produced for consumers. In fact, many people would hesitate to even call the current form of technology a hoverboard. Instead they prefer “self balancing scooter”. What this means is that there is still a ton of room for the industry to grow, and growth means opportunity for affiliate marketers.

There are tons of ways to promote hoverboards and monetize through an affiliate programs. Some people use social media and others simply by word of mouth. Personally, I chose to set up a review website. The key to a review website is finding a smaller niche within your niche. So, instead of targeting everyone looking for a hoverbaord (this is extremely competitive) I chose narrower keywords like “hoverboard reviews” and “best hoverboards”. ¬†Build some quality content around those keywords, drive some traffic, get relevant and quality backlinks, and you’ll be well on you’re way to earning some cash.

At the end of the day, no matter what medium you choose to promote your affiliate program, it’s a ton of fun to research and learn about cutting edge technology like hoverboards. If it’s something that interests you, check out affiliate programs at StreetSaw, Skque and Amazon (currently not selling hoverboards). They are all quality options that I’ve successfully promoted hoverboards through.

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