Hoverboard Wheels | How Different Hoverboard Wheels Effect Functionality

Hoverboards are basically a realization of every child’s fantasy to float on air and “hover” around thanks to the development of technology. With that being said, what exactly is a hover board and how does it function?

From the physique, hoverboards resemble a self-balancing, floating scooter. But to be exact, the hover board has been a favorite mode of transportation regardless of age group. The self-balancing boards have been increasingly popular compared to cycling or driving for fun. As amusing as the hover board can be for riders as they swiftly lean forward or sideways to change up the momentum and direction of the hover board, have you ever wondered how exactly does the hover board function?

First and far most, it is crucial to understand the very components of a hover board. A hoverboard usually has two wheels; one on each side which play a vital role to house the electric motors as well as a tilt and speed sensor. As you lean forward or sideways, the electric motors inside the wheels detect the revolutions per minute of the wheel and sends it to the speed control boards which are located inside the main body of the hoverboard.

With that being said, the size of the hoverboard wheels plays another role in determining the functionality and smooth sailing of your ride. There are basically two sizes for hover board wheels. The average size for a hoverboard wheel is around 6.5 inches while the biggest size for the hoverboard wheel is around 8 -10 inches. An example of a hoverboard with an average wheel size is the Swagtron T1.


Swagtron T1 Hoverboard Review


The debate continues as to does size really matter when it comes the hover board wheels? Well, yes depending on the usage of your hover board. As newer versions of the hoverboard with more compact sized wheels appear, the question of their functionality is once again put to the test. Smaller wheels on a hoverboard may glide effortlessly with perfect control on smooth and smaller platforms however one may face trouble using a hover board with smaller wheels on a rough terrain.

Hence in determining which size of wheel best suits your hover board needs depends solely on the usage of your hover board. If you will be using the hover board to commute over bumps or rough terrain, bigger wheels will be able to provide a more cushioned and controlled ride. The Halo Rover is known to handle much better on rough terrains due to its larger wheels.

Halo Rover hoverboard review

On the other hand, hover board with smaller wheels may be more efficient on smooth grounds, they fail on uneven and elevated grounds. For a solid and stable ride, the hover board with bigger wheels will definitely guarantee this.


  1. Really useful stuff. Never had an idea about this, will look for more of such informative posts from your side. If I can ride this hoverboard outside, Which one’s best for outdoors?
    I like the FreeFeet/Yinshan, as it features those 10-inch inflatable tires which allow me to go pretty fast.

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