Hoverboard Technology Explained



When riding a hoverboard it appears as though you are hovering a few inches off the ground, thus the name. The technology that powers these hover boards is basically the same technology used by the Segway. They are equipped with sensors to detect which direction the rider leans, and the motor then sends power to the wheels to move the hoverboard in that direction. If the rider is leaning forward on the hoverboard while operating it, the hoverboard can automatically readjust the wheel speed so that the rider is re-centered on the board.

Hoverboard wheel sensor
Wheel Sensor

The process isn’t quite that simple, as the sensors relay tilt information to a gyroscope (which is zeroed in when you initially calibrate your hoverboard) and the gyroscope then relays that info to the logic board, which computes in real time the speed and tilt of your wheels.

hoverboard logic board
Logic Board

That message is then sent to the electric motor, which manipulates the speed of the wheels to catch up with the direction that you are leaning, and in a sense readjusts to your center of balance. The end result of this process is a seamless balancing of the hoverboard while it is being ridden. The technology is impressive, but as a side note to users we recommend a cautious approach to operating hover boards at a high speed. Some of these boards have a max speed of up to 12 mph, which is incredibly fast to be moving on a two wheel board with no handles.


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    Thanks a lot for sharing the information with confuse buyers like me.its really helpful for me to take the decision now that whether i buy a balancing scooter or self balancing unicycle .i think buyers faces self security issues with both products. obedience of road safety rules for both products are really important for user.

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