Hoverboard Skins

Hoverboard skins are a great way to protect your self balancing scooter from dents, scratches, dirt and dust. If you've ridden a hoverboard before you know that these are common problems you will encounter. A durable hoverboard skin gives you an extra layer of protection from the environment. It's also a great way to make your hoverboard unique. There are quite a few reasons why people use skins and cases with their self balancing scooters. Below our a few of our favorite picks.





Dirt and dust can penetrate the outer layer of a hoverboard and potentially cause internal damage. Most self balancing scooters are also very prone to dents and scratches. A well made skin can mitigate these problems and extend the life of your hoverboard.


Many hoverboards aren't water resistant out of the box. While a hoverboard skin doesn't fully waterproof a hoverboard, it will minimize the impact of some contact with water.


There are hundreds of different color combinations and designs available on hoverboard skins. If you want to stand out from the crowd a hoveboard skin is a must have.

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