Hoverboard Prices, How Much Do They Cost?

How much do hoverboards cost?

Hoverboards vary widely in price. They can be as cheap as a couple hundred dollars, or as much as a down payment on a house. Before we get into prices, one major distinction needs to be made. Are you looking for the price of a real hoverboard or a self balancing scooter?

The latter ranges in the hundreds, while real hoverboards cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Let's take a look at the two different types of hoverboards available and their respective prices.

Self Balancing Scooter Prices

Self balancing scooters are relatively inexpensive, at least when compared to real hoverboards. The cheapest self balancing scooter will currently run you about $250. These hoverboards have all of your basic features, decent specs, and solid ability to perform. They're ideal for someone looking for a base model hoverboard. There are cheaper hoverboards available, but they aren't UL 2272 certified (a safety must). 

The average cost of a hoverboard is right around $400. At this price you get a lot of cool additional features, faster top speeds and better all around performance. A great example of a median priced hoverboard is the Swagtron T1. It's one of the most popular hoverboards available, at a very reasonable price. Additional features include an integrated app to track speed and distance traveled, along with multiple rider modes.

Swagtron T1 Hoverboard Review

High end self balancing scooters cost around $800. The best hoverboards in this price range are all terrain hoverboards. These hoverboards are bigger, faster and stronger than any other self balance scooter on the market. In the past, self balacning scooters were limited to indoors, streets and sidewalks. Off road hoverboards can maneuver through just about any terrain and brave any element. The higher price is justified, these are next level scooters.

Halo Rover hoverboard review


Real Hoverboard Prices

If you're looking to make a major purchase, real hoverboards are a great way to burn through a ton of cash quickly. And they're totally worth it. At their most affordable price level, real hoverboards cost about the same amount as a car. Not a bad trade off, but don't expect to be able to use the carpool lane.

The cheapest real hoverboard currently available is the ArcaBoard. For just $14,900 you can have your own today. The ArcaBoard will actually hover. It's powered by 36 electric ducted fans - giving it a total of 237 horsepower. It has a maximum thrust of 430lbs and can recharge in just 6 hours. Not sure you want to buy one yet? Understandable... But you might still want to check out some video footage of what the ArcaBoard can do.


If you're hoverboard budget exceeds $15,000, don't worry, there are more expensive hoverboards to choose from. The Aero X is a hoverbike that seats two people and cruises at speeds of up to 45 mph for 75 minutes on a single charge. It's not currently available for sale, but interested consumers can make a $5,000 down payment to secure a spot in line. The expected price tag is a cool $85,000. It will be available for sale in 2017.

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