Hendo Hoverboard Review

The Hendo hoverboard is a real hoverboard that incorporates some incredible innovative technology. Unlike a lot of the self balancing scooters (often called hoverbaords) on the market, the Hendo hoverboard actually hovers.

That's right, you can hop on the Hendo hoverboard and transport yourself without ever touching the ground. There's some really unique technology powering this hoverboard, we'll dive into that in a minute. We're going to take a look at:

  • Product specs
  • Hendo background info
  • Potential release date

We say potential release date because the Hendo is still in prototype form. It's been tested and ridden, but is not yet available for sale. We'll speculate when this technology might hit the market.

Hendo Specs and How it Works

The Hendo hoverboard utilizes four hover engines to generate lift and levitate off the ground. The science driving this levitation is electromagnetic repulsion.There's a magnetic field created by each of these hover engines that is opposite to the surface below - this results in a hovering effect.

This means that there are certain requirements for the surface below the Hendo.

Currently, sheets of common metal are used to create the desired effect. If you watch the videos of prototype testing, you can see that there's not a ton of steering control on the current prototypes. The Hendo does a great job of hovering, but that's about it at the moment.


Hendo hoverboard review
Image: Hendo Hoverboards


Fortunately, there are solutions for the steering problem. Insight into a potential solution can be found in the WhiteBox prototype. The WhiteBox is a developer kit that Hendo sends out to various specialists for testing. The WhiteBox has a micro controller built in that can be used to pivot the engines. This changes their magnetic field orientation to the surface that they hover above. The result - the WhiteBox can be steered with a remote control.

We'll likely see some sort of implementation of this steering technology in the next Hendo prototype.

Hendo Background

The Hendo hoverboard was developed by it's parent company Arx Pax. They're led by visionary and founder, Greg Henderson. Henderson brought the Hendo technology to life, and labeled it Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA). 

The vision has grown and has a list of potential applications beyond hoverboards. The Arx Pax team has also grown into a group of passionate individuals working to develop this technology.

The technology of the Hendo hoverboard has evolved over many different prototypes. The original prototype was created in 2013. There have been a total of 7 different phases to date. The current prototype in the works is nothing more than an illustration. We expect it to incorporate the MFA technology to take advantage of electromagnetic repulsion, we also expect to see a more advanced steering feature.

Latest hendo hoverboard prototype
Image: Hendo Hoverboards

Release Date and Price Speculation

The Hendo hoverboard doesn't currently have a release date. There's definitely some fine tuning that needs to be handled before it's made available for sale.  The latest prototype (shown above) is just an illustration. That said, there is a group of donors set to be first in line for the board when it's ready.

Each of those donors donated $10,000 to the Hendo hoverboard project. The project appeared on Kickstarter. It also promised $100 donors a 5 minute ride and $1,000 donors an hour long private session on the Hendo.


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